Jikden Reiki

Jikiden Reiki brings the original understanding of this natural Japanese healing method to the West

Jikiden reiki


Once a month Native Self host a free Reiki Wellness Day for the local community to follow in the Japanese traditions around community and give people a taster of Reiki. A Reiki passionate tribe of wonderful, caring, qualified Jikiden Reiki practitioners give their time to provide a day of 30
minute Reiki sessions totally free of charge. You may have anywhere from 2-6 practitioners treating you at one time.

What is Jikiden Reiki

Jikiden Reiki is Reiki without western influence or modification, the way it was originally taught. Jikiden means 'directly taught' or 'directly passed down'. It feels pure, simple, grounded and it is extremely effective. Coming from a background of fascinating Japanese culture, in which nature, and our connection with it lies at the heart of life. Jikiden Reiki can become an integral part of your everyday living and healing.

How can Jikiden Reiki help my mind

Jikiden Reiki treatments have numerous benefits for the mind. Based on the understanding that we are all part of the nature that surrounds us, Reiki was originally intended to help return us to our natural state of peaceful presence. Jikiden Reiki helps to... Calm anxiety and stress Bring greater clarity and presence Reveal any emotions behind health conditions Connect with the 'knowledge' inside us Let go of unwanted habits or addictions

How can Jikiden Reiki help my body

Jikiden Reiki has long been used to help people with minor ailments, injuries, illness and more serious health conditions. ​It assists the natural healing process, enhancing your body's ability to eliminate toxins, boosting healing and bringing your system back into balance. Jikiden Reiki can help with... Sports injuries, strains and sprains Conditions caused by stress & anxiety Back & neck problems Infections Digestive problems Women's health issues Serious health conditions High blood pressure Any health condition