Native Self is an independent lifestyle brand passionate about inspiring you to move through life from an empowered place of authenticity and truth. The store provides a carefully curated selection of artisanal products and gifts for the mind, body, soul, and home, catering to the principles of holistic and spiritual living. Our store is a welcoming, neutral, and natural holistic haven that is open to everyone. We strive to challenge outdated stereotypes and promote genuine and realistic holistic living and spiritual development in our modern-day lives. Our goal is to demonstrate the power of nature, ritual, and self-development to reclaim balance and restore the beauty of wonder in your life to live genuinely and wholeheartedly in your power, as your true and uniquely beautiful self - your Native Self.


Our wellness space is an intimate, safe space of holistic and alternative wellbeing. With a variety of workshops, events, 1;1s and community events to further support your journey back to living in balance and empowering yourself. It is a place to connect, heal and grow. A space for authentic community. A place to laugh, cry and just be. A place of no expectation, no judgement and no ego. Our authentic knowledgeable practitioners hold space to meet everyone where they are. We are all learning and growing together.


We offer a selection of handmade, small-batch,products and independent brands that draw on the power of nature and holistic wellness to support your journey of spiritual development, self-discovery and care. A wide range of meaningful gifts for those you love, made with love, chosen with love. We work with many local brands, all of which are natural and soulful. We take time to understand and connect with the people behind the brands not just their marketing to ensure true authenticity and alignment with our values. Most of our stones are cut for us and sourced directly from the makers to ensure we know exactly where they come from. and to ensure we know the families we support. Our statement pieces are hand-picked by trusted sources across the globe with personal connections to the mines.